Airbus Defence and Space


Frequency generator unit (FGU)

Highly integrated frequency generator equipment providing very high stability/low phase noise local oscillator signals for mobile communications payloads.

Features / technical details

  • Generates all L & C band Local Oscillator and clock frequencies for the forward and return path payload transponders.
  • Providing fixed and tuneable frequencies over the range 67 MHz to 6 GHz referenced to a common ultra stable master oscillator.
  • Modular design using Hybrid, ASIC & Surface Mount technologies reducing mass and power.
  • Configured as a single dual cold redundant unit with modules configured and telemetered via a Low Speed Serial Bus.
  • Contains 29 dual redundant RF frequency synthesizer modules, 2 reference distribution modules, 1 dual redundant TMTC module, 2 ‘FOAMO’ ultra-stable crystal master oscillators (from Quartz Product Group) and 2 DC/DC converters mounted on a baseplate which contains power and TMTC routing.
  • Mass:11kg, Power: 71watt, Size:340x350x152 mm.


Mobile Communications Payloads

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