Airbus Defence and Space


20 - 80K stirling coolers

Cryogenic Coolers developed and manufactured to cool space borne detectors. Designs based around innovative Stirling Cycle principles, enabling longer lifetime and increased reliability. Ranges 50-80K and 20-50K direct derivatives of the Airbus Defence and Space qualified 80K cooler supplied to customers worldwide. Developments continue with the 10K Stirling Cycle Cooler development model - achieving world leading temperatures of 9.4K.

Features / technical details

50-80K 20-50K
  • Cooling power

    At 55K = 800mW At 65K = 1100mW At 80K = 1750mW

  • Cooling power At 20K = 60mW At 30K = 300 mw
  • Power supply to electronics: 28V
  • Power supply to electronics: + 28V
  • Operating frequency: 44 + 1 Hz
  • Operating frequency: 30-40 Hz range
  • Power consumption:

    Compressors: 50 W max

    Displacer: 1.5 W max

  • Power consumption:

    Compressors: 50 W peak typ

    Displacer: 5 W peak typ

  • Life Time: 10 years
  • Life time: 10 years
  • Mass:

    Compressor: 3.5kg (each)

    Displacer: 1.3 kg

  • Mass:

    Compressor: 3.5kg (each)

    Displacer: 1.3kg


  • EO- Space Science Missions
  • Upper Atmosphere Measurements
  • Infra-red Astronomy

Reference customers

More than fifty Coolers in all ranges have been delivered to customers in Europe, Japan, USA and Canada