Airbus Defence and Space


Actuator drive electronic for Eurostar 3000 platform

Highly effective actuator manager for Eurostar E3000 telecommunications satellite

The Actuator Drive Electronics (ADE) is the fourth generation of this unit and was developed by Airbus Defence and Space for the Eurostar E3000 telecommunications satellites.

It interfaces with the spacecraft’s central computer through the popular MIL STD 1553 system bus and drives most of the satellite actuators, platform relays and telemetry channels.

Features / technical details

The major functions of the ADE are:

  • Power supply converter, generation of several secondary supplies, for internal and external use.
  • Coupling to MIL STD 1553 system data bus, nominal and redundant.
  • Solar array mechanism drive, stepping motor commands with programmable current and position acquisitions.
  • Power pulses for the propulsion equipment, thruster commands, latching valves and liquid apogee engine.
  • Ion propulsion fine thermal control and xenon tank pressure regulation.
  • Wheel control electronics, analogue torque command and tacho-pulse interfaces.
  • Mechanism drive electronics for all the spacecraft’s stepping motors and corresponding position measurements.
  • Platform commands and telemetrics, including fine thermal control loops

This fourth-generation ADE benefits from experience gained on previous developments. The mechanical design is based on a modular concept of six different boards and most electronics components are surface-mounted, providing a high functional density.


Two ADE-4 units are mounted on each Eurostar E3000 communications spacecraft.

Reference customers

Intelsat, Inmarsat, Eutelsat, Astra, Hispasat, CNES