Airbus Defence and Space


Antenna pointing mechanism - compact

A highly compact Pointing Mechanisms offering 2 axis positioning with high positional accuracy. The small height and footprint of these units lend themselves to applications requiring small volumes such as Spacecraft top floor refelectors. The products off high thermal stability, and a Failsafe pointing capability, and due to the inherently high stiffness do not require Launch offload systems for most applications

Features / technical details

  • Conical angle of rotation; +/- 4.0 degrees APM4, and +/-9.75 degrees APM10
  • Repointing accuracy; +/- 0.02 degrees
  • Redundant stepper motors and potentiometers
  • Failsafe return to zero pointing
  • High load capacity; Offloading for launch is not normally needed
  • Launch environment 20.08 g rms each axis separately
  • Mass; 4.63 kg (APM-4), and 8.1 kg (APM-10)
  • Operational Temperature; -25 /+60 deg C
  • Central clearance; 220 mm diameter (APM10)


Pointing of Antennas and Reflectors, Ion Thruster pointing

Reference customers

Olympus, ESA, Skynet, UK MoD.