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Airbus Defence and Space's Space Propulsion Division, located in Ottobrunn, Germany, is the European centre of competence for rocket engines, thrust chambers and all related technologies.


Rocket engines and thrust chambers from Ottobrunn have contributed to the success of all versions of the Ariane launcher family. Rocket engine technologies from Ottobrunn have also contributed toward the success of the world's first reusable man-rated rocket engine used on the US Space Shuttle.


Together with our related sites at Lampoldshausen, Bremen, Friedrichshafen and Trauen, we have been specialising in the design, development, production, integration and testing of rocket engines and complete space propulsion systems for almost 50 years.


Together, the Ottobrunn and Lampoldshausen Centres supply all of the flight proven propulsive means for the access, utilisation and exploration of space. Our smallest thruster could power a model car small enough to hold in one's hand, while the thrust chamber of just one of our largest rocket engines could power a jumbo jet.


Thrust from Airbus Defence and Space Ottobrunn powers the core stage and upper stage engines of Ariane 5. Thrust from Airbus Defence and Space Lampoldshausen controls the pitch and roll of Ariane 5 during its ascent, as well as attitude control of the Ariane 5 upper stage.


The Lampoldshausen Centre also supplies the propulsion systems for many of the satellites and spacecraft launched by Ariane 5 and other international launch vehicles.
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