Airbus Defence and Space


Avionics integrated control and data system electronics (ICDE)

A 32 bit integrated computer for avionics control and data systems

Developed in the frame of all new Astrobus /Terrasar-X platform from AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE, this Integrated Control and Data System Electronics (ICDE) is the central component of Avionics systems for the latest generation of LEO and MEO satellites with a lifetime of typical 10 to 15 years.

Based on the heritage of Globalstar and Spacebus3000B On-Board Computers, it features a modular design and implementation that allows it to be tailored easily to individual customer requirements.

Features / technical details

The core of the system are two redundant 32-bit processor modules, implementing the ATMEL ERC32SC processor, giving it a processing performance of more than 18 MIPS and enough memory capacity to handle full AOCS and data handling software tasks, leaving sufficient margins in performance and memory capacity for future extensions and redundancy concepts. Higher processing rates (70MIPS) and CAN bus interface can be provided on demand.

Either real-time kernel RTEMS (open source heritage) or Vx-Works operating systems are available for the ICDE.

A dedicated, hot-redundant reconfiguration module provides all necessary surveillance, reconfiguration, command and telemetry functions. The ICDE modules are cross-coupled, providing a fully redundant unit.

Interfaces to the spacecraft and payload are provided by a MIL-1553 bus, HDLC and SpaceWire links. An optional GPS receiver module with optional star sensor processing fits seamlessly into the architecture; it is capable of acquiring and independently tracking of up to eight GPS satellites and provides Position, Velocity and Time.

In addition of these core elements, the ICDE is designed to accommodate additional functions as mass memory, sensors and actuators drive electronics, etc ...

The ICDE has its own, redundant power converters that operate from a single 24 to 100 V power bus.



  • On-Board Computers
  • Attitude and Orbit Control systems (AOCS)

Reference customers

Astrobus, TerraSAR and TandemX (DLR), GIOVE-B (ESA), LISA PATHFINDER (ESA)