Airbus Defence and Space


Calibration and Feed Measurement Services

Measurement Services

Electrical test services can be offered for the calibration of feed systems. A special chamber will be used with the dimensions of 7.2m x 4.4m x 3.0m (L x W x H) utilizing the far field test method (distance approx. 4.0m).

Features / technical details

The electrical equipment is complete computer controlled allowing a storage of the co- and cross-polarisation data during the measurements in the computer. Several Network analyzers (three of them of type HP 8510), well equipped with accessories are available to measure S-parameters very precisely in the frequency range of interest.


Typical applications comprise the calibration of probe horns needed for near-field testing, testing of various feed-systems during the design/development and qualification phase. A large variety of feeds and standard gain horns is available in the frequency range of 1.2 to 40 GHz.