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Capillary thermal fluid loops

Capillary Thermal Fluid Loops are high conductance thermal links for optimised passive and active cooling of spacecraft heat dissipation payloads. The Capillary Pumped Loop (CPL) is thermally controlled by use of a reservoir. This reservoir is set to a working temperature which will fix the temperature of the thermal payload. It is particularly useful for dissipating payload which needs an accurate temperature control. The CPL possesses an active thermal control of the reservoir.

Features / technical details

The ACE (Advanced Capillary Evaporator) loop which has the following thermal performances :
  • Non operating temperature range : - 40°C to + 60°C
  • operating temperature range : - 25°C to + 60°C
  • Minimum and maximum heat load : 10 W to 800 W
  • Thermal conductance of the evaporator : 165 W/K/m to 240 W/K/m


Capillary Thermal Fluid Loops can be used in all high heat dissipating spacecrafts, i.e. for applications in
  • Telecommunication satellites
  • Earth Observation Satellites
  • Scientific Satellites
  • Navigation Satellites

Reference customers

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