Airbus Defence and Space


Compensated compact test range - CCR

Airbus Defence and Space is a world-class supplier of antenna test ranges and market leader for Compensated Compact Ranges. More than 15 facilities have been sold world-wide. These test ranges allow high and long-term measurement accuracy’s and high speed multi-frequency measurements also for large measurement volumes in minimal measurement times. Thus, these test ranges allow end-to-end tests of complete integrated satellites, antenna/sensor testing, transponder testing, real time testing of ADM performances, RF sensor testing, C/I measurements and may also be used for the measurement of scaled down modules of e.g. aircraft’s. Airbus Defence and Space offers turnkey- systems as well as reflector- and feed subsystems with the relevant instrumentation.

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Features / technical details

The Airbus Defence and Space Compact Ranges provide the following features:

• Test zone: 1.5 -8 m

• Frequency: 1.5 GHz - 500 GHz

• Multi beam / multi frequency at dual polarizations

• Swept - frequency

• Accurate gain determination

• Polarimetric RCS

• Payload test capability

• Five axes multi purpose positioner system


• Antenna/Sensor testing

• End to end Tests of complete integrated satellites

• Transponder testing (Noise figure)

• Real Time Testing of ADM performances

• RF Sensor testing

• Scaled down models e.g. aircraft

• C/I -measurements

Reference customers

DASA, Airbus Defence and Space, EMS, SS/L, CNES, Alcatel, LMAS, University of Munich (FH), INTESPACE, MELCO, KHI, ISRO, CAST