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Cryocooler drive electronics

A generic CryoCooler Drive Electronics with Flight heritage and modular construction, suitable for use with any of the AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE Cooler products. This product offers flexibility of operation being able to accept either Serial or Parallel Command TM/TC interfaces, and also offers the option of converter synchronisation with Platform system clocks. The modular construction permits expansion of the Unit to support multiple cooling engine configurations. The product allows vibration cancellation using motor drive waveform modification

Features / technical details

Parameter Dual Cooler Drive
Dimensions (W x D x H) 290mm x 205mm x 105mm
Bus power +28V nominal
Operating temperature -20°C to +40°C
Survival temperature -35°C to +75°C
Cryogenic temperature sensor 4-wire PRT
Typical power consumption 120W (2 off 50-80k cooling engines)
Temperature control of loads ± 0.1 K at 80 K
Cooler operating frequency range 44 Hz +/- 1Hz ( adaptable to cooler technology )


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