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The space radiation environment composed of trapped electrons, trapped protons and solar protons interacts with the spacecraft structure and deposits dose in materials.


The dose accumulation on electronics is responsible for the electric parameters degradation leading in a component lifetime reduction if the shielding is too thin.


DOSRAD is a 3D tool used at system and equipment levels for the prediction of the total dose received by equipments and components. Compared to the admissible component dose, this total dose assessment allows estimating the radiations resistance of the design.


Dosrad detailed presentation


Features / technical details

DOSRAD analysis are based on a 3D modelling of the spacecraft and on a dose depth curve that represents the space environment encountered during the mission.

The 3D model is settled on basic geometrical forms (sphere, box, rectangles, quadrangles, cylinder, disc..) and is organised into a hierarchy. Radiation properties (mater and thickness) are specified for each object and characterise the shielding generated by the object against the radiation penetration.

DOSRAD is based on a ray-tracing method and performs an efficient solid angle sector analysis. One powerful feature of DOSRAD is its capability to manage different levels of geometry description :

  • System level: The spacecraft structure is described accurately but equipments are only modelled as simple set of boxes. DOSRAD calculates the shielding provided by the spacecraft. The results are expressed in aluminium equivalent thickness per equipment face and are delivered to the sub-contractor as an input for the equipment radiation analysis.
  • Equipment level: The internal structure of the equipment (including components) is modelled. DOSRAD calculates then the dose received on the sensitive components. The total dose can be directly compared to the admissible component dose. If the margin is not sufficient, effect of additional shielding can be easily simulated.

DOSRAD is continuously improved to efficiently support the project needs. As example, additional features are available such as the establishment of dose cartography on a surface.



DOSRAD is being used in Airbus Defence and Space for more than 15 years on many space projects of telecommunication, earth observation and science.


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