Airbus Defence and Space


EMC test facility

With the test equipment the immunity against noise and the emission of electromagnetic disturbances, radiated and conducted, can be measured. Inside an anechoic EMC chamber tests of mainly small spacecraft units and boxes are possible. Furthermore, with moveable test equipment EMC tests on system level outside the chamber are possible.

Features / technical details

Anechoic EMC Chamber: 5.2m x 5.2m x 2.3m Possible EMC Tests:

• Radiated emission and susceptibility of E- and H-field

• Conducted emission and susceptibility for differential and common mode for voltage and current disturbances.

• Electrostatic discharge immunity

• Power quality tests

• Bonding measurement

• Static magnetic field measurement


EMC tests of

  • Electronic boxes
  • Subsystems
  • Systems

Reference customers

Unit-, Subsystem- and System-Tests for Airbus Defence and Space Centers and Projects: METOP PLM DESA X-Band SAR Demonstrator GRACE/CHAMP different units, and system level tests APCF unit tests RTC unit tests