Airbus Defence and Space


L-Band 8X8 ONET

Passive output combining network offering small footprint, low insertion, high filter rejection and high power handling for mobile communications payloads.

Features / technical details

  • Low mass, 8x8, L-Band hybrid combiner with filtered inputs.
  • Provides high power, multi-carrier, inertia less beam switching (100W av, 390Wpk) using drive phase signature.
  • 35MHz Tx pass-band (1.5GHz), 100dB Rx rejection (1.6GHz), 1.5kW multipactor proof design.
  • Compact solid dielectric tri-plate strip-line combiner using low PIM TNC coaxial connector interfaces.
  • Low mass, low loss, temperature compensated alloy comb-line filters.
  • Low PIM operation, -110dBm typical (5th order).
  • 15 units per payload offering signal routing for 120 down-link beams.
  • Mass 5Kg.


Mobile Communications Payloads

Reference customers