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Mini-pulse tube cooler

A low vibration cryogenic cooler providing a base temperature of below 50 K. This advanced pulse tube cooler has been developed with a 'split' configuration which allows the user to locate the cold tip remote from the Compressor, this significantly reduces the coupled micro-vibrations from the principal source of cooler vibration.

Features / technical details

Parameter Cooler Data
Type Pulse Tube (In-line) - single stage pulse tube with balanced compressor unit
Nominal performance 1.4 W at 80 K
Nominal compressor power input 40 W rms @20OC rejection temperature
Mass TMU 3.0 kg
Operating Design life > 5yr operation, >5yr storage (>10yr design life)
Bearing type Pulse Tube: 260mm x 90 mm diameter max. Compressor Assembly: 240mm x 90mm diameter max.
Off-state thermal resistance > 950 K/W @ 80 K cold-tip temperature (parasitics <225 mW)
Thermal Environment -25°C to +55°C operating (qualification) -35°C to +65°C non-operating (qualification)
Performance Matrix (Tamb about 20 deg C)
Cold Tip Temperature (K) Cooling Capacity (W) Input Power TMU
60 >500 mW 42W max
80 >1400 mW 40W max
100 2100 mW 40W max


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