Airbus Defence and Space



The top mission goal of Airbus Defence and Space’s RF Test Facility Department is to maintain its unprecedented high level of internationally reached customer satisfaction.

A further goal is to keep the technological head-start in all areas of antenna & RCS measurement techniques, but also to further develop specific solutions for dedicated RF-measurement applications.

Beside maintaining the high level of customer satisfaction and providing cutting edge antenna measurement solutions Airbus Defence and Space also considers itself also as an active member within the international RF-measurement community.

As being most probably the only RF-facility provider in the world, who is in the unique position to continuously transfer experience of its daily RF measurement services and also to transfer the experience of more than 30,000 RF-measurement hours in a closed loop directly into product and service improvements, Airbus Defence and Space also makes this know-how available to the RF-measurement community in many dedicated international conferences and symposiums.

Further Airbus Defence and Space is most probably also the only RF-facility provider, who is in the unique position in being very closely associated to a wide range of high-tech RF-measurement applications due to its company environment within the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company - AIRBUS Group. This fact provides best requisites to better understand the customer’s RF-measurement needs of today and the ones for the future, resulting in customer consulting on an unprecedented high level of quality.

As a proof on taking these facts as a serious task to globally exploit RF-measurement know-how, Airbus Defence and Space actively contributes to the famous US-organized Antenna Measurement Techniques Association (AMTA) and finally succeeded in convincing the AMTA Board of Directors to hold their dedicated Antenna Measurement Techniques Short Courses and Conferences also in Europe and in Asia.

The first European AMTA Short Course was initiated and hosted by Airbus Defence and Space and was hold at the premises of Airbus Defence and Space in Munich/Germany in May 2004. Thanks to the initiative of Airbus Defence and Space and due to the big success of the first European AMTA Short Course, the AMTA BoD decided also for an Asian AMTA Short Course, which will take place in Hong Kong in June 2005. Further AMTA events are planned on a regular basis in Europe and Asia beside the yearly AMTA events in US.