Airbus Defence and Space


Modular cryptographic processor

A Cryptographic Processor with configurable modules and customer selectable algorithms suitable for satellite platform TMTC encryption and decryption / anti-jamming / authentication, protection of direct payload control links, and encryption of high speed TM downlinks, eg SAR/Imaging Data.

Features / technical details

  • Spacecraft Telecommand Decryption and Authentication
  • Spacecraft Telemetry Encryption
  • Transmission Security (TRANSEC) keystream generation
  • High Speed Encryption
  • Designed to Common Criteria EAL4, FIPS 140-2


  • TM Encryption at up to 10Mbps
  • TC Decryption and Authentication at up to 10Mbps


  • Customer-specified algorithms or standard algorithms (eg FIPS 197 AES)
  • Customer-specified protocols (eg transparent security protection of CCSDS TMTC traffic)
  • Autonomous operation
  • Compatible Ground Unit available
  • End-to-end transparency for spacecraft operator
  • Flexible configurations
  • 4 or 6 Module Unit configurations available


  • 2 Redundant sides, with each side providing:
    • Redundant RS422 or LVDS TC input / output interfaces
    • Redundant RS422 or LVDS TM input / output interfaces
    • Redundant PSK TM output option
    • Initialisation Keyfill interface
    • Redundant 1553 Spacecraft interfaces for health interrogation
    • 20-50V or 70-100V operation
    • High Level Command interface for spacecraft health management / recovery (if authorised by Crypto Operator)


  • Controlled via Internal Crypto Commands, extracted and executed within the Unit
  • Key hierarchy support including key decryption and authentication
  • Support for Over-The-Air-Rekeying and key management


  • Designed for MEO and GEO orbits
  • Mass: 4.4Kg (4-Module Unit)
  • Power: 9W (4-Module, 10Mbps, hot redundant)
  • Size: 300x200x100mm (4-Module Unit)
  • Reliability of 0.9900 (hot redundant) or 0.9989 (standby redundant)
  • Design Life: 15 years


  • Satcom Platforms
  • Satcom Payloads
  • High Speed Data Downlinks
  • Military Platforms and Payloads