Airbus Defence and Space


Modular DC/DC converter

Modular DC/DC converters for space application suited for individual voltage conversion in any space electronic equipment.

Standardised DC/DC modules of single, dual and triple output can be arranged in any configuration for multiple output converter systems.

Optional functions like inrush current limiter, on/off switching, protection features and synchronisation interfaces can be realised.

Features / technical details

  • Provide low voltage, isolated DC power to electronic equipment
  • DC input voltage range: 28 V to 120 V regulated or unregulated
  • DC output voltage range: 5 V to >100 V
  • Power per module: 0 to <100 W
  • Efficiency: 75 – 90 %
  • Protection: output over-voltage and over-current; input over-current and under-voltage
  • Optional features: input latching current limiter, command and housekeeping, synchronization, sequencing of outputs, voltage and current housekeeping etc
  • Linear or switch-mode output voltage post-regulators

Parts level acc. QML-Q, QML-V and equivalents

The converters are available in rad-hard and SEE resistant version.


  • Standard DC/DC Converters for:
    • Platform infrastructure (processors, I/F equipment, solid state memories, PCU auxiliary supplies)
    • Standard payload functions (computers, instrument supplies, sensors etc.)
  • Custom DC/DC Converters for:
    • Scientific payloads for earth observation, meteorology, deep space missions etc.; ion thruster secondary supplies; cooler drivers; ISS, Space Shuttle experiments; RF & digital payloads

Reference customers

  • ESA, DLR , commercial customers