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Power supply (DC) for phased array antenna

Multi-Kilowatt low voltage DC power conditioning for active satellite SAR antennas.

Active antennas are equipped with hundreds of transmit/receive modules to be supplied with DC voltages between -5 and +10 V.

A central DC to AC inverter generates a 115 V AC bus including redundancy. AC power is distributed to the antenna panels. Panel Power Conditioners re-convert AC to low voltage DC.

Additional features are S/C bus protection, failure detection and isolation, redundancy switching, housekeeping etc.

Features / technical details

  • Unlimited power available due to modular design
  • DC to AC inversion by 1.2 kW inverter modules
  • 115 V, 30 kHz intermediate AC bus for low loss power distribution
  • AC to DC conversion by de-centralised Panel Power Conditioners (PPC)
  • 10 to 20 T/R modules supplied by one PPC
  • Overall efficiency: 80 %
  • PPC electronics directly integrated into antenna structure
  • Various protection features implemented
  • High reliability due to redundant DC/AC inverters, failure detection and isolation

Parts level acc. QML-Q; QML-V and equivalents


Multi-Kilowatt, low voltage DC power conditioning for large active array SAR antennas

Reference customers

DLR (TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X)