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Power supply regulator

A single integrated & modular unit to power the EUROSTAR 3000 communication satellite

The Power Supply Regulator (PSR), developed in the frame of the new EUROSTAR 3000 telecommunication satellite, is in charge of powering the spacecraft from solar array panel in sunlight mode and from 2 batteries during eclipse.

Its power handling capacity ranges between 3 to 8.5 kW for the current 50 volt version, and will be doubled with the 100 volt version currently in development.

Features / technical details

The PSR design is based on a modular approach in order to cope with specific mission requirements by minimizing the non- recurring costs. Its internal architecture is designed to comply with the reliability target with a single unit per spacecraft.

The PSR delivers a fully regulated 50V power bus and performs the following main functions

  • Provides a centralized low impedance point for power distribution (payload & platform)
  • Combines power sources from the solar arrays (Si & AsGa technologies) and batteries in a controlled and high efficiency manner
  • Achieves the bus regulation under all spacecraft operating conditions
  • Activates control of battery charge current (NiH2 &Li-Ion types) Batteries monitoring (voltage cells, pressure and temperature)
  • Management of its own configuration in terms of high level TC generation and data acquisition via MIL-STD-1553B data buses Internal fault-tolerant Auxiliary Power Supply (APS).

Made-up with two main parts, the PSR is versatile and can be adapted to mission from 3 to 8.5 kW:

  • A Central Module (CM), including MIL STD-1553B buses coupling (nominal & redundant), TM/TC management (nominal &redundant), batteries monitoring, external current telemetries, batteries charge and reconditioning circuits, self- healing bank of capacitors and reliable APS
  • A set of Power Module (PM) up to 16 units depending of the required output power. Each PM can deliver up to 600W

The 100V version currently in development will double this value.


  • All Eurostar 3000 communication spacecraft
  • WINDS, an advanced Japanese spaccraft (7 kW)

Reference customers

CNES, Intelsat, Inmarsat, Eutelsat, Astra SES, Hispasat, NASDA