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QUARTZ++ is a flight dynamics package in charge of all flight dynamics operations during the life of geostationary satellites in stand alone or cluster configuration (transfer and on-station operations)

QUARTZ++ detailed presentation

Features / technical details

The QUARTZ++ package provides a clear separation between the framework services and the flight dynamics algorithms:

  • The FRAMEWORK handles database, GUI generation services, measurement data acquisition, plot reports and broadcast, FD algorithms chaining
  • FD algorithms are plugged in the Framework and interface with it through a limited number of simple APIs
  • Simple ASCII configuration files are interpreted by the framework to generate GUI and provide the algorithms with the relevant database parameters and all generic framework functions
  • Integration of a new spacecraft or a new FD activity completely and easily handled by FD experts

The QUARTZ++ package provides extensive and user friendly capabilities for multiple satellites management, multiple users, concurrent tasking, cluster management, management of the launch and early orbit and station keeping phases, full configurability, data flows management, maneuver scheduling (gantt chart).


Mission analysis pre-launch mission analysis Operational satellite control centres:

  • Flight proven station keeping, orbit determination, maneuver computation, orbital and sensor event predictions.
  • Flight proven transfer functions, transfer planning optimization, attitude determination, attitude maneuvers planning.

Reference customers

ORION F1, NILESAT 101 & 102, ST-1 and ASTRA 2B.


INTELSAT Flight Dynamics and Commanding System for INTELSAT fleet