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Rubidium atomic frequency standard

The RAFS is a space-qualified rad-hard high performance 10.00 MHz frequency standard based on the atomic reference given by the spectral absorption line of the Rb87 isotope. The product is the result of a long-term cooperation with Temex Neuchatel Time, designed according to ESA rules with a design heritage of EM, EQM, 5 QMs (lifetime qualification) and 6 FMs built with in the GSTB V2 phase followed by 8 FMs ordered for the next phase. The current baseline includes a Thermal Baseplate to improve the frequency stability and an integrated DC/DC-Converter allowing an independent supply of the clock by the primary voltage bus (<50V). Adaptations with respect to mass, power, performance and environmental aspects are possible according to customers needs. Intentionally this clock was developed for satellite navigation systems within the Galileo Programme but could also be beneficial to high performance communication systems or scientific missions.

Features / technical details

• Frequency stability:
  • 5·10-12 @ 1 s
  • 1.5·10-12 @ 10 s
  • 5·10-13 @ 100 s
  • 1.5·10-13 @ 1000 s
  • 5·10-14 @ 10’000 sec (drift removed)

• Flicker floor: 3·10-14 (drift removed)

• Thermal sensitivity: < 5·10-14 /°C

• Magnetic sensitivity: < 1·10-13 / Gauss

• Mass and volume: 3.2 kg and 3.3 lt (incl. DC/DC Converter)


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