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Satellite structure

The central tubes design and manufactured by CASA are qualified for satellite platforms from 200 up to 8.000 Kg.

The integration of the whole value chain (design, qualification and production) in the same facilities allows a reduction in cost / schedule

The experience of more than 20 years provides a solid background based on well-proven design features.

The CASA facilities and manufacturing means are well adapted for small and large satellite structures (i.e. Envisat, biggest satellite ever built in Europe).

Features / technical details

Key features of the Satellite Structure design:
  • It comprises the complete structure of a satellite or a significant part of it (Service Module-SVM-, P/L Module -PLM-,…).
  • Provides the necessary strength and stiffness to meet the satellite requirements (vibration tests, launch environment) and provides an adequate environment for satellite equipments (shock, vibration, …).
  • It is typically composed of:
  • Primary Structure: main load-path to carry loads to the launcher
  • Secondary Structure: panels and brackets to support equipments, piping brackets, harness,...



Satellite structures are aplicable to any type of missions either scientific, earth observation, telecommunication, etc.

Reference customers

Gaia SVM, GOCE, Herschel SVM , Planck SVM, Envisat, Artemis, ISO SVM, Huygens