Airbus Defence and Space


Sensor power supply module

AIRBUS DEFENCE AND SPACE GmbH designs and produces customer specific DC/DC converters.The power supply module,presented here,has been designed and qualified as a self standing module for a space sensor.It generates and distributes all secondary voltages needed and provides all on/off switching functions of the overall sensor and its functional elements.

Features / technical details

Input voltage 120 V DC±4 %
Input on/off switching with inrush current limitation
Number of secondary voltage outputs 14 switcheable
Output voltage range 5 to 28 V
Output voltage regulation 2 to 5 %
Average output power 212 W
Peak output power 300 W
Efficiency > 80 %


  • Space sensors or space instruments
  • Space electronic systems

Reference customers

This power supply module has been designed, qualified and produced for the "Monitoring of Pollution In The Troposphere (MOPITT) sensor, used on the US Earth Observation System (EOS).