Airbus Defence and Space


Side deployable antenna

Side Deployable Polarisation Sensitive C Band Antenna during Antenna RF Test on a Satellite Mock-Up

Features / technical details

  • Gregorian and Single Offset Solid or Polarisation Sensitive Reflector Antennas
  • Contoured beams, Multiple Contoured Beam Antennas by Multi Feed Array Systems or by Combined Reflector Shaping / Multi Feed Systems
  • Frequencies in L, C, Ku band and Ka band
  • High Power and Wide Band Applications in Ku band
  • Multiple Frequency re-use by Spatial and Cross-Polar Isolation Performance
  • Including Reflector Deployment or Deployment & Pointing Mechanism
  • Dual Deployment Applications with Two Antennas on one Spacecraft Side


Satellite Telecommunication Services

Reference customers

  • Eutelsat
  • Arabsat
  • SES Astra
  • Intelsat
  • Hispasat
  • Insat
  • Nahuel