Airbus Defence and Space


Single Reflector Compact Range (SCR)

The Single Reflector Compact Range (SCR) is based on one double curved reflector in a horizontal offset configuration enabling the realization of long focal lengths. Thus, the cross-polar performance is superior compared to other single reflector products.

Due to the excellent cost-to performance ratio Airbus Defence and Space‘s SCR products are the preferred choice in the areas of research, development and production testing of the defence and communication industry not only for accurate RCS testing but also for antenna measurements.

Features / technical details

  • Indoor Far-Field test facility for antenna and Radar scattering measurements especially at low frequencies
  • Frequency Range 0.3 - 500 GHz
  • Low cross-polarization due to long focal length
  • Measurement objects of up to a width of 20m and a height of 10mH
  • High Room Efficiency

Typical floor plan of  Single Reflector Compact Range SCR 60




SCR Key Performance Data
The following table shows at a glance the family of Airbus Defence and Space's SCRs listing the most important performance data. Customer tailored models are available on request.