Airbus Defence and Space


Synchronised clock generator unit (SCGU)

Specialised frequency generator equipment providing very low jitter/high stability clocks for digital processor-based payloads.

Features / technical details

  • Provides 2 synchronised clock frequency outputs for each of the Forward and Return Payload Processors, via 100 ohm triax interfaces.
  • Generates fixed 33.6 and 67.2MHz frequencies with a controlled ‘zero-crossover’ timing relationship between them.
  • Common output circuitry allows tight control (ps) between the 67.2MHz Forward & Return clocks.
  • Modular design using standard Surface Mount technology.
  • Configured as a single, cold redundant unit. High Level Pulse Command & Telemetry interface via DC/DC converters only.
  • Contains 2 dual synthesiser modules,1 reference module, regulator PCBs and 2 DC/DC converters mounted on a baseplate.
  • Mass: 2.1kg, Power: 14W, Size: 244x133x150mm.


Mobile Communications Payloads

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