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Flight 168 : Ariane 5 GS – Satellites SYRACUSE IIIA, GALAXY XV

Flight 168 is the 2 nd flight ARIANE A5GS, the 23 rd flight of an ARIANE 5 launch vehicle and the 3 rd Ariane launch of the year 2005.

Flight 168 is the 19 th commercial mission of an ARIANE 5 launch vehicle and as such is managed by Arianespace. The launch vehicle 524 is the second of the serie A5GS, it is derived from launch vehicle A5G (“G” for “Generic” the basic version of the launcher) and integrates certain more recent elements conceived for versions A5EC/A or A5ES (principally the Solid Propellant Boosters (EAP), a Vehicle Equipment Bay on composite structure and a Storable Propellant Stage (EPS), with 300 kg additional propellant).

Launch vehicle Ariane 524 is the 19 th production vehicle, manufactured, integrated, and operated under the responsibility of Arianespace.

In a dual-payload launch configuration with SYLDA 5 E (+300 mm), under a medium payload fairung, it’s carrying the telecommunications satellite SYRACUSE 3A in top position, and GALAXY XV in bottom position.

download launch kit flight 168 (pdf)