Airbus Defence and Space


Climatic Facilities

Facilities to suit all test subjects with total control over temperature and humidity.

With an ability to simulate extreme climatic conditions (Hot, Cold, Dry and Damp) units can be rigorously tested to reproduce their intended environment.

The test facility has the ability to constantly purge items under test with nitrogen gas, to ensure no condensation/icing occurs across the chambers full temperature range.

The Chambers Temperature and Humidity (RH%) can be constantly monitored and recorded throughout the test campaign via the test labs data logger, which also has the ability to monitor and record numerous T-type thermocouples that can be attached to the unit.

Test Temperature and Humidity profiles are independently customisable, enabling a wide range of climatic conditions to be tailored to specification requirements.


Data Logging
--> 1 x Rotronic Temperature and Humidity probe
--> 32 x T-Type thermocouple channels. Extra
channels can be provided on request


Temperature and Humidity Chamber
-->Temperature Range: -40°C to +100°C
--> Typical Rate of Change: 2°C/min
--> Dimensions: 1.2m x 1.3m x 1.2m
--> Feedthrough Ports : 2 x 0.12m diameter
--> Humidity Controlled