Airbus Defence and Space


Launcher Propulsion

Airbus Defence and Space’s Business Division "Space Propulsion & Equipment" is a European market leader for launcher propulsion development and production

Aestus Engine

  • Development and Production of Thrust Chamber Assemblies for Launcher Vehicles.
  • European leader for Storable Propellants engine systems.
  • Production Facilities for High-Speed Cutting, Electro Plating, Electron-Beam Welding, Assembly Integration Test, Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing.
  • Engineering Centre for System and Component Design, Thermal and Mechanical Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Quality Assurance.

In Ottobrunn Airbus Defence and Space produces subsystems and components for the Ariane launcher family:

  • Cryogenic thrust chamber HM7 for  Ariane 5.

  • Cryogenic thrust chamber Vulcain-2 for Ariane 5.

  • Upper stage engine AESTUS (storable propellants) for Ariane 5.

  • Valves for cryogenic propulsion systems Ariane 5

  • Cryogenic thrust chamber  Vinci for Ariane 5 ME.


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Our Heritage


European specialists in rocket engines, thrust chambers and propulsion system components for launch vehicles.

The Ottobrunn Centre specialises in the design, development and manufacturing of rocket engines and thrust chambers for launch vehicles and upper stages. Expertise is within the fields of bipropellant and cryogenic propellant rocket engines ranging from 500 N to 1350 kN thrust.

The Ottobrunn Production Centre has one of the the most modern manufacturing facilities in the world, using the latest state of art robot, automated and CNC manufacturing processes. These facilities are used for the manufacturing and production of rocket engines, thrust chambers, engine nozzles, injector elements, propellant & pressurant valves, precision aerospace components and assemblies.