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LION Navigator

Based on Airbus Defence and Space Products’ heritage in the development of HiRel space GNSS receivers, the new generation navigation receiver “LION Navigator” delivers high performance supporting both multiple frequency reception and multiple navigation constellation operation.

Advances in navigation signal processing technology enable the development of a next generation of navigation receivers. GPS is being modernised, providing more civil signals, and first Galileo test satellites are already in orbit. Therefore, the new Airbus Defence and Space Products’ LION Navigator is designed to make use of the GPS signals L1, L2C, and L5 and of the Galileo signals E1, E5a and E5b, as well as Glonass and Compass open signals*. 36 channels in parallel are available to track all satellites in view.

The LION Navigator is designed to demodulate the navigation data messages of the GNSS constellations navigation signals and to use this information for PVT determination through an instant point-solution as well as through a dynamic Kalman-filtered solution.

The LION Navigator reaches a very high level of integration and performance thanks to the use of an ASIC as the core of the receiver. This ASIC (AGGA-4), developed by Airbus Defence and Space Products’ under ESA contract, gathers in a single chip a modern GNSS baseband processor, a LEON-FT as a fault-tolerant microprocessor with FPU, a FFT module and digital interfaces (1553, UART, SpW).

* on request for Glonass and Compas

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