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Shock test facility

Shock test facilityThe shock test facility has to proof the qualification and workmanship of the design, manufacturing and integration activities by simulating mechanical shocks which may occur during transport, launch and deployment events. The equipment is designed for tests of mainly small spacecraft equipment. It consists of an aluminium plate on which the items will be directly fixed. The shock spectrum is generated by a vertical falling mass or a mass pendulum.


Features / technical details

Frequency range:

100 Hz - 10 kHz

typical Ariane V separation shock spectrum


up to 3000 g (Shock - Response - Spectrum) in a frequency range from 2 to 10 kHz

Box mass:

up to 15 kg



Shock simulation for

  • Electronic Boxes
  • Small Mechanisms
  • Sensors

Reference customers

Project XMM

Project Rosetta

Customers: Alenia; TTEG (previously AEG); Alcatel; Saab Ericcson