Airbus Defence and Space

More protection and reliability for critical operations. Flexible solutions.

More protection and reliability for critical operations. Flexible solutions.

Airbus Defence and Space is a one-stop shop for VSAT and mobile satellite networks in a multitude of frequency bands. We provide high-quality communications to governments, armed forces and NGOs, supporting applications in land, aeronautical and maritime environments.

We design and deliver custom end-to-end satcom solutions to meet specific end-user requirements. Ranging from the provisioning of satellite capacity to the procurement and installation of terminals, they include application development and day-to-day management of network operations. We also offer a comprehensive portfolio of packaged solutions, such as welfare communications services and tracking services for armed forces personnel worldwide.

We are a world-class leader in the design, system integration and supply of complete end-to-end satellite communication systems for government markets and high-end corporate customers and broadcasters.

We offer efficient, resilient systems with unparalleled flexibility and security. Our customers can depend on our tailored, cost-effective solutions to deliver the services required.



  • Delivering milsatcom services through the Skynet fleet of satellites to the US DoD, the UK government, NATO, allied nations and other government organisations
  • Providing milsat services and welfare communications to the German Bundeswehr
  • Leading provider of Inmarsat aeronautical services
  • Full portfolio of subscription services, transponded capacity and MSS equipment
  • AirPatrol – lightweight broadband terminal for fixed, rotary and unmanned airborne applications
  • SCOTPatrol – next-generation lightweight naval terminal for broadband communications
  • Co-prime for a fully integrated turnkey satellite communications system for YahSat and United Arab Emirates Armed Forces
  • Overall system prime contractor responsible for the Skynet 5 fleet ground communication systems

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