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Flight 167 Ariane 5 ECA: Spaceway F2 and Telkom 2

Flight 167 is the 24th launch of an Ariane 5 and the 4th launch carried out in 2005. The launch vehicle is an ARIANE 5-plus ECA, the most powerful of the Ariane range. Flight 167 is the 20th Ariane 5 commercial mission. Launcher 522 is the 20th production vehicle, built, integrated and operated under the responsibility of Arianespace.

In a multi-payload launch configuration with SYLDA 5 ‘C’ (900 mm elongated) under a medium-payload fairing on a cylindrical shell ACY 5400 ‘D’ (2 m high), it carries two telecommunications satellites, SPACEWAY F2 in the upper position and TELKOM 2 in the lower.