Airbus Defence and Space

Flight 169 - Ariane 5 GS : INSAT 4A, MSG2 satellites

Flight 169 is the twenty-fifth ARIANE launch, and the fifth in 2005. An Ariane A5GS is being used for the third time.

This will be the 21st commercial mission for Ariane 5, and is being conducted under Arianespace management. Launcher 525 is the third in the series of A5GS to be flown.

This is the last derivative version of the A5 “Generic”, and integrates a number of more recent elements designed for the A5EC/A and A5ES versions (principally concerning the EAP boosters, a composite structure VEB and an EPS stage propellant load increased by 300 kg). Launcher 525 is the 21st off the production line, manufactured, integrated and operated under Arianespace responsibility.

In a dual launch configuration using the SYLDA 5 E adaptor (stretched by 300 mm), and fitted with a medium fairing, the launcher is carrying the Indian INSAT 4A telecommunications satellite in the upper position, and the MSG 2 meteorological satellite in the lower position.