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88090 Immenstaad
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50 years of Space in FriedrichshafenFor five decades the site of Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance has been the lynchpin for the development and construction of satellites, probes and instruments for scientific research in space, Earth observation and meteorology. Currently taking shape at Friedrichshafen are the MetOp series of meteorological satellites, the three-satellite Swarm mission to investigate the Earth’s magnetic field, the multi-spectral Sentinel-2 satellite, and the radar satellite Paz. The Friedrichshafen site is also leading the European BepiColombo Mercury mission, and is playing an active role in the Gaia astronomy mission. Geo-information services are provided by Airbus Defence and Space’ subsidiary Spot Infoterra.

FriedrichshafenFriedrichshafen is also a centre of competence for the development and manufacture of experiment facilities for research under microgravity conditions.

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Getting there

By car

From Munich

Take the E54 towards Stuttgart/Lindau. Take the A96/E43 and then the exit towards Sigmarszell/Scheidegg/Friedrichshafen. Close to Lindau, turn right onto the B31 towards Friedrichshafen/Lindau. Drive through Friedrichshafen in the direction of Immenstaad/Meersburg/Konstanz. At the junction close to Immenstaad turn left into Claude-Dornier-Strasse. On the right you will find a car park.

From Stuttgart

Take the A81 in the direction of Konstanz/Schweiz. Near Singen change to the A98 in the direction of Überlingen. Then follow the B31 to Immenstaad. Pass Immenstaad; at the first junction after the village in the direction of Markdorf/Ravensburg turn right to Claude-Dornier-Strasse. On the right you will find a car park.

From Zurich Airport

At the motorway junction Zurich-Nord/63 (toll fee) drive to the motorway junction Zurich-Ost, and keep in the left-hand lane in the direction of motorway junction Brüttisellen. At the junction Winterthur-Ost follow the directions to the A7 towards Konstanz/Kreuzlingen/Frauenfeld. After passing the Swiss–German border at Konstanz follow the B33 to Konstanz - Fähre (ferry) to Meersburg. The crossing over Lake Constance takes approx 30 minutes. Continue through Meersburg and change to the B31 soon after Meersburg in direction of Lindau/Friedrichshafen. Pass Hagnau and Immenstaad. Shortly after Immenstaad you will find the Airbus Defence and Space site on the right.

By train/bus

At the Friedrichshafen main station (Friedrichshafen Stadtbahnhof) you will find taxis directly in front of the station building. You can also take the bus 7395/7394 to Überlingen which will stop directly in front of the site (stop: AIRBUS Group). Cross the road and go through the parking area to the flat building slightly on the right, which is the visitors’ reception hall. 

By plane

From Friedrichshafen Airport you can take a train to Friedrichshafen. The station is right in front of the Arrivals/Departures hall. Get off the train at the Friedrichshafen main station (Friedrichshafen Stadtbahnhof). See “By train/bus” above for further information.


At the visitors’ reception hall you will be given a badge and further directions.