Airbus Defence and Space

Airbus Defence and Space GmbH
Langer Grund
74239 Lampoldshausen
Tel: +49 (0) 6298 9 39-0
Fax: +49 (0) 6298 9 39-270

LampoldshausenWith its design, production and test facilities, the Lampoldshausen site near Heilbronn features among Europe’s most prominent manufacturers of thrusters and propulsion systems. In order to obtain maximum service life from satellites while still achieving the greatest possible savings in terms of launch weight, the engineers in Lampoldshausen developed the Unified Propulsion System. UPS is a combination of up to 16 thrusters with 10 N thrust for orbit and attitude control and a thruster with 400 N thrust, both of which are fuelled by two or four propellant tanks. UPS can rotate the satellite around all axes depending upon which thrusters are fired. With over 50 satellites maintaining trouble-free operation using this propulsion system (and additionally more than 110 monopropellant hydrazine propulsion systems produced for satellites and probes) – some for more than 10 years now – Lampoldshausen can be counted among the world market leaders in this segment. Lampoldshausen also delivers the whole propulsion system for the unmanned freight transporter ATV (Automated Transfer Vehicle), which provides the International Space Station with supply goods, fuels and materials.

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Getting there

The Lampoldshausen facility is located approx. 25 km northeast from Heilbronn in the Hardthäuser Forest and is reached as follows:


By train

Heilbronn central station is approx. 25 km from the site, and Möckmühl express station approx. 8 km. Taxis can be arranged from these stations.


By plane

From Stuttgart Airport (STR)

From here via train (Stuttgart) or car (approx. 1 h) on the A8 motorway, leaving at T-junction Leonberg/A81.


From Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

From here via car (approx. 1 h) on the A5 motorway, leaving at T-junction Walldorf/A 6 – motorway crossing Weinsberg – A 81.


By car

A81 motorway Stuttgart–Würzburg, Exit 7 Möckmühl, from here follow the DLR/AIRBUS Group signpost, approx. 2 km.