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Astri Polska (APL), based in Warsaw, is a joint venture between Airbus Defence and Space and the chief Polish research institution, the Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences. It was established in September 2010.

Its mission is to promote and develop space applications and the Polish space industry in cooperation with major Polish space stakeholders including public and private space-specialised organisations. Under contracts from European organisations including the European Space Agency (ESA), APL runs space technology and application projects and serves as a platform for information exchange and collaboration facilitation for national space-related scientific and industrial partner institutions.

The company’s fields of specialisation include electronics, optoelectronics, GNSS and Earth observation applications, telecommunications, robotics, material science and space surveillance.

A key focus for the joint venture is developing tailored satellite applications for end users, particularly in the areas of disaster management and security. The company is currently involved in organising demonstrations of new technologies in real environments in these sectors. One of APL’s main goals is to assist remote-sensing and satcom SMEs to develop innovative applications.

The company is strongly focused on enhancing its expertise in technical R&D areas. Since its foundation, APL has already been involved in three Space & Security projects under the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and several European consortia for new project applications. New opportunities jointly under investigation include critical technologies, composites, and Marie Curie academic networks (ITN).

The foundation of APL is part of the ‘Airbus Defence and Space Central Europe’ (ACE) initiative, launched in 2008, a key pillar in Airbus Defence and Space’s strategy of cooperating with the new European Union states in central Europe which are seeking to develop their space industries and establish a closer relationship with ESA, notably as European Cooperating States (ECSs).


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