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200th Ariane flight with ATV-2 ‘Johannes Kepler’

In this three-part animation you can find out about all the partners who have contributed to the success of Ariane and the ATV, together with details of all Ariane launches since the very first 30 years ago.

This milestone 200th flight of the Ariane launcher placed a very prestigious passenger in orbit – ATV-2 ‘Johannes Kepler’, the second Automated Transfer Vehicle supply craft for the International Space Station (ISS). The event is doubly special for Airbus Defence and Space, prime contractor for both the Ariane 5 launcher and the ATV.

To celebrate this key moment, we take a look at the magnificent trail that Ariane has blazed since her maiden launch in 1979, and the particular challenge that is the ATV. All this would not have been possible without the contribution of all the different partners, both customers and industrial collaborators, who, together, have achieved the great Ariane success that we see today.


Animation V200 Ariane with ATV 2 Johannes Kepler

A special dossier full of informative articles and videos has been created about the ATV ‘Johannes Kepler’.

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