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Accurate terrain knowledge

Airbus Defence and Space launches GEO Elevation product suite

The GEO-Information division of Airbus Defence and Space recently launched a new comprehensive offer of elevation data: the GEO Elevation product suite. Customers will benefit from precise and reliable data sets for applications such as infrastructure planning, crisis intervention, flood modelling, 3D visualisation and air traffic security.

GEO Elevation is for professionals who depend on accurate terrain knowledge:

  • Engineering firms working on infrastructure development can complete feasibility studies more quickly and easily with accurate, up-to-date geospatial information. This can speed up decision making, help evaluate global investments and control operating costs.
  • Civil security organisations can map flood hazard zones using digital terrain models to estimate slope and aspect flow-path and direction. Flooded areas can be detected beneath vegetation.
  • For resource exploration, geological terrain analysis and 3D subsurface modelling help optimise field survey planning and improve assessment of natural resource potential. Considerable time and money can be saved and extraction can be simulated efficiently.

“Our clients appreciate the flexible delivery options that adapt to their individual needs,” said Patrick Le Roch, Airbus Defence and Space GEO-Information’s Divisional Managing Director. “We aim to simplify the access and use of elevation data. For large scale mapping projects and military operations our Elevation30 is ideal thanks to its global coverage, high accuracy and data homogeneity. Derived from SAR satellite data, Elevation10 can provide regional 10m elevation models everywhere in the world, whatever the relief and weather conditions. For all projects that require a very high level of accuracy such as pipeline planning or flood modelling our LiDAR airborne based survey Elevation+ can provide 1m digital elevation models (DEM) and beyond.”

The elevation data range relies on Airbus Defence and Space GEO-Information Services’ unique access to a multi-resolution, multi-sensor constellation with optical and radar satellites as well as airborne LiDAR capability.

Airbus Defence and Space launches GEO Elevation product suite

Left: Chile – © CNES/Distribution Spot Image/Airbus Defence and Space

Centre: Colombia – Digital Elevation Model

Right: Cornish Quarry – LiDAR

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