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AirPatrol for Canadian coastal surveillance

Airbus Defence and Space airborne terminal achieves Skynet certification

AirPatrol, the latest generation of airborne terminal from Airbus Defence and Space has passed the full certification milestone to operate over the Skynet 5 satellite constellation.

AirPatrol awarded full certification to operate over the Skynet 5 constellation

This is a key milestone for the AirPatrol terminal which has been selected by the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) to support Canada’s Radar and Imaging for the Land/Littoral Environment (RIFL2E) Project.

The RIFL2E project is designed to enhance coastal surveillance and support Canadian northern sovereignty. The AirPatrol terminal, together with Skynet X-band satellite capacity, will enable DND to evaluate the technical feasibility and operational capability of an airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) platform.

Aidan Joy, Executive Director of Airbus Defence and Space’ Satcom Systems & Solutions, said: “Achieving full Skynet 5 certification is a key milestone for AirPatrol and the RIFL2E programme – we are now cleared for the operational use of AirPatrol, enabling large amounts of real time information to be extracted from the customer’s airborne platform.”

AirPatrol has been developed in response to the growing demand from military and other customers who are increasingly reliant on the secure, high rate transmission of video, multispectral and radar imagery, particularly from UAVs.

The light-weight design of the terminal, made possible with the use of composite materials, means that AirPatrol can be much more easily integrated onto a variety of aircraft than its heavier alloy alternatives, ensuring that the terminal has a minimum impact on the aircraft’s overall flight performance.

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