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Best Purchasing Department 2013

Airbus Defence and Space Purchasing has won a national award for France’s Best Purchasing Department of the Year 2013.

This latest achievement is especially remarkable since Airbus Defence and Space was up against reputed purchasing organisations such as the French state rail network SNCF and the insurance group COVEA.

Airbus Defence and Space: Best Purchasing Department 2013

The 5th national Purchasing Award ceremony took place on 17 June in Paris, and, for the second year running the jury, the French Purchasing Managers’ Association CDAF (Compagnie des Dirigeants et Acheteurs de France), awarded our Airbus Defence and Space Purchasers in recognition of their accomplishments in managing change to promote competitiveness through:

• Skill development and support
• On-going development of a purchasing costs estimation unit for the pre-negotiation stage
• Simplified purchasing processes, with purchasers involved upstream
• Improved performance and leadership, through a collaborative programme (PEP, Performance & Leadership Enhancement Programme) involving around one hundred employees from across the department• Analysis of performance and customer perceptions both in-house (IBPS) and externally (360° supplier approach)
• Providing support to suppliers, especially SMEs (through the COMETES project, the 2012 award winner

Jean-Jacques Gavory, Airbus Defence and Space’s Purchasing Director, said, “This award recognises the strategic choices behind the innovative measures we have adopted, but also – and above all – the team spirit that has grown within Purchasing across the company, including all our employees from Supply Chain (quality, engineering programmes, etc.).”

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