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Mini-SCOT delivery

Communications terminal for Turkish Navy

Airbus Defence and Space’ Secure Satcom Systems division delivered a Mini-SCOT communications terminal to the Turkish Navy this summer as part of a year-long leasing contract. The terminal enables the country to take part in NATO peace-keeping missions. The project was a clear sign of confidence in Airbus Defence and Space as it is the repeat of an identical contract awarded in 2005, and forms part of a relationship with this customer that stretches back over a decade.

Mini-SCOT: Communications terminal for the Turkish NavyThe Turkish Navy’s TCG Hasan Pasa and TCG Mehmet Sokullu ships have not changed much in the last six years. At least that’s what the Airbus Defence and Space team discovered when they surveyed these vessels prior to installation: even the cabling and ancillary boxes were still there from the first fit, with only the antennas and rack missing. “It was like going into a time warp,” smiles Martin Curtis, the sales lead on this occasion.

“This re-lease deal is based on the success of the first,” explains Martin. But despite having experience on their side, the team knew that they were working to a tight deadline. “We had to refurbish the equipment, mobilise the installation team, expedite export licences, carry out testing at sea and in harbour – all on a very short timescale.” The team made it and the ship is now underway as part of NATO operations.

This project comes within the context of Airbus Defence and Space’s long-standing relationship with the Turkish Navy, which also includes contracts under the Turkish Military Satellite Communications System (TMSCS) programme. Airbus Defence and Space was approached directly for the SCOT terminal re-leasing contract thanks to their tried and trusted track record, which sees them as one of the Navy’s preferred suppliers. “Airbus Defence and Space is known as a role model for doing business in Turkey, not least because we also transfer our know-how to Turkish companies,” says Martin.

A world-leading supplier of communications terminals, Airbus Defence and Space’ Secure Satcom Systems division offers fixed, transportable and tactical military satellite communications terminals, in addition to secure modem and advanced RF technologies.

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