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Airbus Defence and Space, Euclid and the dark universe

Cutting-edge science

Airbus Defence and Space will provide the fully integrated payload module carrying a sophisticated silicon carbide telescope and instruments for the new European Space Agency (ESA) astronomy mission, Euclid.

The telescope builds on Airbus Defence and Space’s world-leading expertise in silicon carbide technology for space – already proven in orbit on ESA’s Herschel mission.

With the ultimate goal of understanding the origin of the Universe’s accelerating expansion, Euclid will map the geometry of the dark universe to an unprecedented accuracy.

The mission will collect high-resolution deep space images by rotating the spacecraft once every 80 minutes. Within six years, covering more than one third of the entire sky, Euclid will measure the shapes of, and distances to, over 2 billion galaxies.

Euclid is due for launch in 2020.


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