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When terrestrial communications fail

Airbus Defence and Space and TSF

In times of conflicts or natural disasters, local terrestrial telecommunications networks are often destroyed or disrupted, and mobile networks are also often damaged.

Airbus Defence and Space, with partner Télécoms Sans Frontières (TSF), an NGO specialised in the deployment of emergency telecommunications, provides people in distress and first responders with means of communication where terrestrial communications fails.

Airbus Defence and Space provides the full set of satellite communications solutions to allow TSF to set up emergency telecoms centres in minutes, optimise emergency aid processes, and boost the efficiency of their humanitarian missions.

This year, in the beleaguered Sahel region of Africa, the satellite airtime and equipment provided by Airbus Defence and Space has helped more than 4,200 people from Timbuktu to contact loved ones.

In Mali, TSF’s 14 satellite lines enabled 550 connections for the beneficiaries, for whom it is often the first call they make for several months.

In 2012 TSF also set up logistical telecom support to facilitate the repatriation of wounded civilians from conflict areas, and the supply of medicines to besieged towns in Syria. The onsite team ensured the distribution of communication means for several medical facilities and provided training to help medical staff.

Airbus Defence and Space has just renewed its partnership contract with TSF, pledging to continue satellite communications support for their many disaster and emergency relief missions across the world.

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