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Cloud over Western Australia

Geo-information data for a territory of 2.6 million km²

Airbus Defence and Space’s Cloud Services in Western Australia

Western Australia’s Land Information Authority (Landgate) will use Airbus Defence and Space’s Cloud Services solution to manage geo-information data over a territory of 2.6 million km², four times the size of France.

Landgate’s role is to coordinate the supply of data across government and to minimise the duplication of resources by collecting location data once, then sharing that data across all Western Australian state government entities. For this reason, Landgate intends to use Airbus Defence and Space’s SPOTMaps imagery, with hosting and streaming, as the base level dataset for a platform (SLICP) that allows multiple government agencies to share spatial information for environmental mapping, cadastre, infrastructure, engineering, agricultural and emergency services.

Airbus Defence and Space’s Cloud Services will support Western Australia Lands Department to efficiently manage its 2.6 million km² territory

This contract provides the recognised benefits of SPOTMaps – a consistent, accurate and seamless 2.5m resolution dataset – across the whole of Western Australia. Importantly, the availability of this data through the web hosting and streaming service into SLICP ensures the immediate availability of SPOTMaps for all Western Australian government entities to access via their GIS software or web browser.

The hosting service will help reduce infrastructure costs and maintenance for location information, resulting in a more efficient utilisation of funding across Western Australian government entities and easier access to spatial information.

The streaming service is provided with a 99.5% online service guarantee, which is crucial for supporting emergency and rescue operations.

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