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First secure mobile 3G network for Belgium

Airbus Defence and Space Services: Blue Light Mobile

Airbus Defence and Space to supply Belgium’s security forces with the core of their first secure 3G network

Airbus Defence and Space has won a contract to supply Belgium’s emergency and security services (including police, fire, customs and national defence) with Blue Light Mobile, their first secure mobile 3G network.

The five-year contract has been signed with Belgium’s mobile telecommunications network operator for the nation’s local and federal police forces, its fire, civil defence, customs, state security, national defence and air and sea rescue services, and some of its hospitals and ambulance services.

Vital information exchange

To be deployed from early 2014, Blue Light Mobile will allow the security forces to exchange vital information during missions on the ground: enriched mapping of selected areas; real time videos and pictures; and access to state security files and databases. Thanks to this private, secure mobile virtual network, Belgium’s security services will be able to exchange data on smartphones, tablets and computers on operations.

Airbus Defence and Space Blue Light Mobile

Global leader

The deal strengthens the position that Airbus Defence and Space – the leading private operator in the military satellite communications sector – enjoys as a global leader in communications systems for critical missions.

Airbus Defence and Space has also designed and developed new GSM services that link up with satellites to overcome possible mobile network saturation and thereby guarantee fast response, security and interoperability whenever crises or major incidents arise. Airbus Defence and Space’ customers include some of the world’s most advanced armed forces (the USA, the UK, France, Germany and NATO) as well as the French, British and now Belgian security forces.

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