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Geospatial data management made easy

The data management side of the geospatial equation has at last caught up with the growing sophistication of the satellites that feed into it. Thanks to Airbus Defence and Space’s Cloud Services.

A growing number of organisations increasingly depend on a disparate and sophisticated array of geospatial data to make the informed decisions upon which their operations depend. But it’s not just the raw data these organisations are after – it’s the mission-critical business intelligence hidden within it.

Geospatial data in the Cloud

Airbus Defence and Space is holding a webinar series dedicated to helping organisations understand the important new opportunities available through cloud-based geospatial data management services.

Geospatial data management made easy

The free series – ‘Geospatial Data in the Cloud’ – will illustrate the technical, cost, and performance benefits for organisations that shift their data hosting, processing, and other management activities to a Cloud architecture.

Sign up for one or all of these webinars and let us show you everything that is possible in the Cloud.

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