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All ‘eyes’ on Chile

Airbus Defence and Space Services maps the remotest corners of the planet

Spot Image and Infoterra, which together form Airbus Defence and Space’ GEO-Information Services division, recently met some of the biggest names in the Chilean remote sensing market and presented the division’s portfolio of 2D and 3D radar and optical products at a key regional event.

The first Latin American Remote Sensing Week (LARS), organised by the Chilean Air Force’s Photogrammetric department (SAF), was held in Santiago, Chile, from 4 to 8 October.

This event was of particular interest for Airbus Defence and Space due to its involvement in the Latitud Sur project which is set to compile a new 1:25 000-scale map of Chile. The GEO division is working with project-lead IGM, Chile’s military survey and mapping agency, and is supported by ORIONDATA among others. GEO is also working closely with SAF, which is set to play a key role in this endeavour. Airbus Defence and Space already has ties with SAF as its Satellites business unit is building the SSOT Earth observation satellite (Sistema Satelital para Observación de la Tierra) for the Chilean Air Force.

The GEO division’s presentation at LARS illustrated that Reference3D Digital Elevation Model (DEM) coverage is now available for more than two-thirds of Chile, while also highlighting the product’s complementarity with TerraSAR-X 3D radar products and the utility of optical data, notably from the KOMPSAT-2 satellite and the future Pléiades satellites.

The GEO division’s in-situ representatives were particularly pleased to witness General Ili Salgado, Commander of the Chilean Air Force’s combat forces, and SAF Director Colonel Torres Villa presenting the new 1:25 000 map of Easter Island to the island’s prefect, Luz Zasso Paoa.

SAF was able to compile this map in less than one month using Kompsat-2 data acquired especially for the occasion, free of charge, by Airbus Defence and Space.