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Ariane 5 launches Arabsat 5C

Double success for Airbus Defence and Space

46th consecutive success for Ariane 5, the European launch vehicle developed and manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space

The fifth Ariane 5 mission of 2011 has successfully launched the communications satellite Arabsat 5C, for which Airbus Defence and Space is co-prime contractor.

Airbus Defence and Space is the industrial prime contractor for the Ariane 5 launch vehicle. Airbus Defence and Space delivers the fully assembled and tested launch vehicle to Arianespace, the commercial launch service provider. The company also supplies all the Ariane 5 stages, equipment bays, flight software and numerous sub-assemblies. The Ariane 5 ECA new-generation, high-power, dual launch vehicle can place satellites up to 10 tonnes into geostationary transfer orbit (GTO).

Arabsat 5C, a multi-mission satellite, will provide satellite capacity in both C-band and Ka-band frequencies for a wide range of satellite communications services. Based on Airbus Defence and Space’s highly reliable Eurostar E3000 platform, Arabsat 5C has a launch mass of 4,630 kg and a spacecraft power of 10 kW at the end of its 15-year designed lifetime. Airbus Defence and Space and Thales Alenia Space are jointly responsible for building Arabsat 5C and delivering it in orbit.

This flight was a dual launch, and also carried the communications satellite SES-2.

Photo © ESA/CNES/Arianespace

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