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New on the ISS menu: lasagne

Thanks to Albert

The most intelligent space robot in the world has docked autonomously with the International Space Station

The ATV-4 ‘Albert Einstein’, which was launched on 5 June by a specially adapted version of the Ariane 5 rocket, has taken 6.6 metric tonnes of freight up to the space station, including food (amongst which the very first lasagne to be sent to space), clothes, spare parts, scientific experiments, fuel, water and oxygen.

On 15 June at 14:07 (GMT), the ATV-4, the fourth unmanned supply vehicle designed and built by Airbus Defence and Space for the European Space Agency (ESA), executed a perfect manoeuvre to dock autonomously with the ISS. ATV-4 locked on as planned to the Russian Zvezda module, achieving a docking accuracy of better than 10 centimetres.

The ATV-4’s cargo also contained the scientific experiment FASES, built by Airbus Defence and Space for ESA, and various items of equipment necessary for conducting repairs and for the general operation of the ISS. The ATV additionally carries fuel to be used in re-boost manoeuvres for regular orbit and attitude adjustment of the ISS.

Photo: ESA